Why Do I Call It BipolarBrave?

Fantastic post by a fairly new blogger “Bipolar Brave” – Let’s welcome her to the community and show her our support.

Bipolar Brave

I was going to write down what I meant by BipolarBrave, but I’ve come to a place where I’m questioning that. I was going to say it’s brave to talk about it, and brave to have gone through bipolar disorder episodes. That’s the initial thoughts I’ve had. And then there’s the alternate to consider. And I went there.

I’m certain that “perfect love casts out fear.” But I’m also certain that I feel like this fear is encroaching upon me again. The thought of being symptom-free and thriving with bipolar disorder is a reality to me now, and it’s clear as the day is long. But then when day turns to night, what will I say then? Symptoms may return and ravage my mind. So how can I call this brave?

I don’t consider it all that brave to talk about bipolar disorder. I take blogging and talking about this for…

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  1. Thank you for the reblog Beckie! I appreciate your support…I’ve been blogging on this for about a year or so and it’s been a sometimes rewarding, other times thankless investment of time and energy and thought. So I am thankful for your sharing. If you’d like to collaborate in the future shoot me an email at katie@bipolarbrave.com.

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