~*~Chewing & Spewing~*~ [Boundaries Conclusion]

Good Afternoon All!  Happy Friday Eve to each and every one of you! 


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I thought I would conclude today’s “Boundaries” segment with the best advice I received thus far during this week of inner turmoil.  Michele “Hippy Chic” stated simply…

“Tell the person that you love them and value them.  That you are worried and upset about how this person is dealing with life in general…”

The truth

of the matter is, I am very concerned about my roommate and her health.  Since her evasive surgery, things (Mentally speaking) have gotten worse over time.  Yes, I have enabled, and yes I have been there through the thick of it, but to witness the decline with everything around her and well-being is what has ticked me off the most.  

I had every opportunity to talk last night.  But… (That lousy excuse word again). avoided the chat I wanted to have with her.  After reading what Michele wrote, I feel a sense of calm now to face the challenge and now discuss what I want to with my roommate.  So,  Thank you, Hippy Chic, for giving some sound advice.

Kindly and directly

I do value my friendship with my roommate and hope and pray that things can be resolved when I finally open my mouth.  Which will be today, come hell or high water!  LOL!

Thank you, one and all for listening and sharing advice on how to better handle the situation I and my roommate are in.  I cannot express enough how grateful I am to all of you.

Take Care & God Bless,



[Boundary sources all courtesy of Pinterest]


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