REBLOG: Original post by 4’s Bipolar Mom. A great read, funny at times, but a lot of strength.

4 M's Bipolar mom

Today I have decided that I immediately need to audition to be an actress, do stand up comedy or attach a camera to my head to film and showcase the ongoing sitcom known as my life. I’m tempted to describe my day in colourful terms not appropriate for the ‘family’ (well we are a little circle) readership of this blog. Perhaps though, from reading the below you will smile, or have a similar experience or two. Actually, hopefully NOT.

Today I was planned to have a further conversation with a promising consultancy opportunity and round two of the “oh the previous person was mentally ill so THAT didn’t work” company. Perhaps that in itself was a bad idea – two interviews in one day is a lot to ask of the very recently un-depressed, not so much me.

My ‘funny’ experience started when my bestie (quite caringly) asked me last…

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