Thoughts Of A Depressed Mind #3

A must read if you are suffering from depression. The post was done by “The Bipolar Writer” Excellent read.

The Bipolar Writer

Depression can often make you feel like youโ€™re drifting endlessly through an abyss. It will take everything that youโ€™ve ever loved, and render it to a smouldering pile of ashes, slipping through your fingers. For the longest time, before I was on a successful blend of meds, felt this way. I was surviving, but any more than that felt like it was either too much work, or that I didnโ€™t deserve it. Depression does this to you. It makes you feel worthless, and steals your energy away. I did, and still do, practice unhealthy isolation. Whenever I have a bad, mental health, day I always seem to lock myself away in my room. This of course, I have been told by mental health professionals, that Iโ€™ve begin to trust, is an unhealthy habit. The act of removing myself from whatever may have caused the day to be an awful oneโ€ฆ

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