The stigma of mental illness prevents many from getting help

Please take the time to read the following post by “Clinical Depression 5” a lot of informative information to be shared here.

Living with Clinical Depression

What is a mental illness?

“Mental illness is not a personal failure.”

Throughout history mental illness has carried a stigma with it while causing needless suffering upon too many people. Having a mental illness is like having any other serious medical condition; it requires medical intervention and ongoing professional care. It is important to realise that a person’s identity is not their mental disorder.

Mental illness is characterised by symptoms that debilitate a person in important aspects of life including work, school, relationships and self-care. Far too many people don’t understand why a seemingly able-bodied person cannot work or continue with their education. It isn’t an illness or medical condition that is obvious to a casual observer.

Some people feel its necessary to hide their illness from others; smiling depression is a frightening example of concealment. A person could sink further into a depression without getting help, most of…

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