👩‍💻 April 12, 2018: Chewing & Spewing 💲

I earn my $. I want to use it to make a difference. I don't  want to give it to greedy bastards, people who pollute, torture animals, promote war or take advantage of my fellow humans.


Good Morning, my Dear Friends!  How are you on this fine Friday Eve?  How has your week been?  Is the weather improving in your neck of the woods?  It’s sort of funny how I’m always curious about the weather everywhere in the world, but this year was just by far the strangest I can remember.  Here it is this morning and the temperatures are at 52 degrees, and by this weekend it’s supposed to rise somewhere in the 80’s.  Not for nothing, but I’ll take it!  This Winter kicked my ass, as I’m sure it did a number to you as well.

So, as the weather is Finally getting warmer, what is it that you guys like to do?  Any outdoor activities that you enjoy? or, do you drag your laptop outside and continue to blog?  One of the silliest things I’m looking forward to is opening the windows, and allowing fresh air to filtrate its way through the house.  I am so sick of stagnated air.  Hibernation is done with for all I care!  I want to start walking again, even though I know I’ll have to use my cane at the beginning because my knees are in the worse shape ever.  I want to be able to try and shed some weight before I go to Florida to visit my Mother in July too. 

Another thing I must do before I go down there is trying to save more money for the said visit.  My financial strain is stressing me out all of the time these days.  I made up my mind that I wasn’t going to worry about my medical insurance until after my trip because it’s been a year since I last saw my mom.  That means much more to me than my insurance.  I’m stretching out my daily medications for that very same reason.  Every little thing is adding up, and quickly. 🛫 🚗 💊 🍽 = 💲  So many goals and my stress is mounting, which in turn quickly turns into anxiety.

So what does that dollar symbol above mean to you?  Security? Vacations? Neverending bills in the mailbox?

What does that symbol do to you, and your stress levels?  


  As soon as I receive my SSDI, it’s already spent and flying out the window before I have the chance to even try to enjoy it.  Notice how the dollar sign starts with an “S” and, that equals Stress, which then turns into anxiety.

Image result for picture of money growing on trees

Funny, I never see this damn tree ever… Heard about it, but never saw one. 

Does money control your life?  

We shouldn’t obsess about it, but we tend to, am I right?  What do you do when you are under financial stress?  Are you willing to work for your goals and put your trust in God to provide the answers? 

My affirmation for today is this:

Today, I will take the time necessary to be responsible for myself financially.  If it is time to pay bills or talk to creditors, I will do just that.  If I have set goals, I need to budget myself accordingly.  After that, and I have done my part, I will let the rest go.  I have no control over the rest.  I won’t allow my financial stress to get the best of me, because I am trying all that I can.  I give it over to God to guide me to make better financial decisions.

So, my friends…  I’m curious, how do you go about handling stress during times of financial difficulties?  Maybe, your advice could help me, and other readers.  Please feel free to share your stories.

In the meantime, I hope you all have a pleasant Thursday afternoon.

Take Care & God Bless,




  1. I’m fortunate in that my husband and I rarely experience financial stress. This wasn’t always true because of my bipolar spending. It was so bad we saw a bankruptcy lawyer. Now, we’re about to close on a condo!

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