I’m Just a boy!

Original piece by “The Doors to Wisdom” – Pure Adversity and strength I so admire in this poem. I hope you enjoy it as much I have.


I share with you ‘I’m just a boy’, a poem that is written from the heart with pure emotion and honesty. I hope you will be able to follow the story of me who struggled through bullying at school for being that little bit slower than others and required special needs. My dyslexia diagnosis went unnoticed and my dreams of becoming a writer were demolished. Now 29 years old, my dreams are still giving me a purpose to live to succeed, I believe in myself and believe that one day I will become a writer, however I’ll not be like those big and famous, but I’ll just be me and I’ll be good enough.

– James Keenan

I’m just a Boy who’s good enough”

I’m just a boy, who dreams to write,

writing stories about my life under my bedside table light.

This is my dream; I want it…

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