Blogging Etiquette 101

When I originally wrote this piece, I had no idea another dear fellow blogger of mine was being harassed and shamed. I felt it necessary to share this piece once again to encourage other bloggers that hatred towards one another is not the right path to go. Thank you in advance for reading. Beckie

The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch

Blogging etiquette — A Pint-Sized life

Good Evening, My Friends.

I know you see the title and think “Who the hell is she to teach us blogging etiquette?”   Well, the truth of the matter, I’m just like anyone of you.

As you may have noticed here this past week, the TPIB was going over the do’s and don’ts of blogging etiquette as well as how to compliment etc…  Personally, I make it a point to appreciate another’s blogging entry because they put the time and effort into their entry and/or craft.  If you read something that you enjoyed or felt moved by, or… a piece that intrigued you; instead of just hitting the (Like Button), tell that person you enjoyed, were moved and/or intrigued.  (Like) is great, but a compliment makes that person’s day.  Don’t you like them?

Who doesn’t enjoy hearing a compliment about what they poured their blood, sweat, and tears into?  (Okay, not…

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  1. Nice post and relevant topic. We must be polite, I agree. I know a very good fellow poetess… she had to first disable the comment section (and she used to receive at least a hundred comments), and then she had to delete her very site cause of such hateful creatures… enjoyed your words..✌✌

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  2. Excellent post! I felt a little attacked on a post this morning. But, I dealt with it. And the part of your original post about the blood, sweat, and tears made me snicker because uhh… sometimes a whole lot of sweat and tears literally go into my writing. Haha

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