~👩‍💻~ April 8, 2018: Weekend in Review~



Good Sunday Afternoon to all of you!  I do hope that all of you enjoyed a restful weekend or at least one that was satisfying.

My weekend couldn’t have been more boring, to be honest.  The most excitement that was experienced was going to Walmart for necessities, and going out to lunch with my roommate.  The rest of the time was spent working on the future format of my blog, and how I want to keep it interesting, informative, and fun at times.

SLOTHILDA animation cartoon confused comics

And…  This pretty much sums it up.  LOL!

I finally decided on a new back round for my site, and that only took three days to decide on.  But, I was so tired of dark colors bringing my mood down, so I brightened it up a bit.  Eventually, Spring will arrive… In the meantime, “Sprinter” will have to do for now.  A toss of this God-forsaken Winter that seems to not want to leave, and Spring that “Might” show up.

I did decide to keep my daily routine of “Quote of The Day & My Thoughts” as well as added “Three Quotes” per day, and the Daily Post Prompt.  However, I think I going to keep the “Serenity” blog dedicated to Sunday morning/afternoons depending on how busy I am during the course of the day. I will also keep the “Friday Frolics” to jumpstart the weekend.

What I would like to add to the week is more of my mental health awareness blogging, because… Heck, that’s why I began it in the first place.  Then, add free flow writing when the mood strikes me.   

Funny .GIFs ~ Kermit the frog typing wildly on the Muppet Show

Sound good to you fine folks?  I hope so.  If I need to make changes along the way, I shall do just that.  Well, that concludes my weekend, “Exciting, huh?”  I so need a life.  LOL!

Enjoy the rest of the afternoon, and have a wonderful start to the upcoming week.

Take Care & God Bless,




[Picture’s provided by Unsplash.com ~ Luke Besley & Pinterest]


  1. I must tell you, Beckie, that I love the patterns you choose for your backdrops. I love surface pattern with a vintage feel, arts and crafts, art nouveau, so yours are my favorites when I go ‘visiting’ blogs 🙂

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