~*~ The Lethargic Life ~*~

Be patient, and trust that the lord has kept you on the right path.


The lethargic life,

mumbling words with no meaning.

No pain, nor joy;

a numbness that surrounds my soul.

Troubles and struggles of everyday life

leaving me to feel empty inside.

The lethargic life,

which there is no path to follow,

seemingly leaves me empty and hollow.

The glass is neither half empty or full,

just waiting to drink is all.

What’s been missing in my life?

I asked myself rather bluntly;

The answer was fairly clear…

I looked at the sky, and I questioned God, “Why?”

“Who cares if I’m not always here?

If I call to you, will you catch me if I fall?

Will you pick me up when I’ve fallen down,

or will you leave me floundering on the ground?”

The lethargic life,

of just existing is too much for one to handle…

No answer followed

I was left feeling sorrow.

No answers as of that moment;

not that moment at least…

Later that evening I had lit a candle

and said a small prayer to help me understand;

A voice implanted in my head stated matter of factly…

“I am the Lord, of ancient days

you could never understand all my ways.

Just give me your love and trust

and I will do what I must.

So, live your life as you normally do;

You know I’ll be there to guide you through.”

The lethargic days

are heartfelt now filled with purpose, indeed.

I feel I have a voice that is planting seeds;

Of love and compassion to fill others with

for I have been granted the Lord’s spirit.




[Picture courtesy of Pinterest]


The rough draft was written 03/16/18 when times were just a bit rougher than normal for me.  This is why it took me some time to finally finish this piece.


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