~*~ Narcissistic Fool ~*~


Narcissists. It is true that they try this. Give them no attention, no power. Their crazy will reveal itself at the proper time.


Think with your head,

not with your heart;

that’s what you’d do if you

were really smart.

You’re stumbling about?

why must you feel all sorts of doubt?

How can you remain silent?

when you should feel the need to shout!

sit up straight, don’t slouch

speak clearly, don’t act so dreary…

The world doesn’t owe you a thing.

Ah, the world of a narcissistic demanding


Thinking he’s all that cool, breaking all the rules.

breaking me bit by bit

making me feel like a tiny shit

I’ll have my day when I break away

He’d be a fool if he thinks I’d stay!


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