~*~ April 3, 2018: 🙏 “Serenity” 🙏 ~*~

Beckie's Mental Mess

Good Morning to all of You! 

Welcome to my new daily routine of sharing something I feel very strongly about…  Prayer.  As I mentioned yesterday, I was nearly giving up on hope, and that was scaring me silly.  I like you, have circumstances which alter and/or trouble us, am I right?  Well, that is why I’ve been reading the daily bible that was given to me years ago when I was first in recovery from alcohol.  I used to read it daily, then I put it aside, and didn’t pick it up again.  As most of you know, I have had to face some challenges.  A week ago, I picked up the daily bible and looked to restore my hope and guidance.  Who couldn’t use that?  I hope you join me on my journey for inner strength, guidance, and hope by the Psalms and Proverbs that I enter daily.  

Psalm 40:1-5


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