World Autism Awareness Day

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April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day.

Quick facts about autism:

  1. 1% of the world’s population have Autism
  2. 21% of children with an ASD have been excluded from school at least once
  3. Autism affects how a person communicates with and relates to, other people
  4. Autism is on the rise
  5. Children and adults with autism have difficulties with everyday social interaction
  6. Kids with autism are typically diagnosed at around 3 or before
  7. No exact cause is known yet
  8. There is no cure and many people with Autism say none is needed, maybe we should listen?
  9. When caught early, the chances of minimizing the effects of autism are significantly reduced
  10. You cannot outgrow Autism

There is also a condition called Asperger syndrome, which is a form of autism used to describe people who are usually at the higher functioning end of the autistic spectrum.

Having autism is not a tragedy like many…

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