~ Turning Off ~

The Best Essential Oils To Buy For 11 Common Ailments #Sleepapneasymptoms


Tossing and turning

and not just in the bedding

my thoughts are constant.

Twisting and stirring

instead of sleep and counting

sheep, sleep seems distant.

Fluffing pillows and

flopping around listening

to sounds, feel like death.

Dark circles and bags

under my eyes, no surprise…

Racing thoughts, real drag!




[Cartoon courtesy of Pinterest]








  1. Excellent – l used to be like that. Now, l am asleep within 25 seconds of my head hitting the pillow. My secret is to go to bed when l am way overdue. I guess in this case insomnia does have its benefits. I have accepted that around 4 hours sleep is my best ratio. Not ideal, but l sleep soundly, any longer and l am just awake for longer the next night.

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  2. Boy as a sufferer of chronic insomnia I can sure relate with this one! Well done (and excellent choice in gif, I might add). I don’t think there’s much more frustrating than knowing how bad you need sleep, and yet you are still unable to attain it! Yogi’s “Calming Tea” has helped me a little. And I exchanged counting sheep for nice, classical music. Sometimes it works, sometimes not….

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