March 29, 2018: Mood Swing? Not!

Fabulous interview with Ellen Forney about how Bipolar disorder feels.  We have so many kids in our classes with this and don't know how to work with them.  Please read.


Good Afternoon, My Dear Friends…  Happy Friday Eve to each and every one of you!

As a majority of you know, I am trying to make some radical decisions in my life that have caused a great deal of distress to me mentally speaking.  All of my decisions would be a permanent change in all things I love and care about.  In other words, “A Catch-22”, if you will.  

I didn’t want to come off whining today like I have in recent weeks, but I thought I would touch base on Mood Disorders and Bipolar Disorders.  Not only for you, my readers, but to remind me that all I have swimming upstairs in my head is real.  

Depression is not just in my head.  Everyone, at various times in life, feels sad or blue.  It’s normal to feel sad on occasion.  Sometimes, sadness is a result of moving to a new location and leaving family and friends behind or the loss of a job, or the worse case scenario, losing a loved one.  These are all normal feelings of sadness.  But, what’s the difference between “normal” feelings of sadness versus the feelings of depression?

While depression sometimes runs in families, (Look up in the dictionary, and you’ll see a family portrait of the Motley Crew), LOL!  The exact causes of depression still are not clear.  It’s a combination of both genetics and a stressful environment or life situation that contributes to its cause.  It can be the whole combination of all of the above.  Depression can affect children and adults of all ages, it’s not discriminatory. Here are some signs of Depression:

  • Prolonged sadness or unexplainable crying spells (The Crying Spells haven’t happened to me yet, as I mentioned in previous posts… I feel like that mechanism has broken inside of me).
  • Significant changes in appetite (Eating too little or too much).
  • Irritability-anger, worry, agitation, and anxiety.
  • Pessimism, indifference.
  • Loss of energy, motivation, and lethargic.
  • Inability to concentrate, indecisiveness.
  • Inability to take pleasure in interest, and social withdrawal.
  • Unexplained aches and pains.  (Oh, I have legit reasons for my pains, two shot knees, and back issues).
  • Recurring thoughts of death or suicide.

Out of all of these listed, I fit into 7 of the 9 categories.  Suicide not being one of them, Thank God.

If you or a loved one suffer or experiences five or more of these symptoms over a two week period or more, it’s time to seek professional help.  

Tomorrow, I’ll continue with Bipolar Depression.

Thank you, in advance for reading.  I hope you all have a pleasant Thursday afternoon and/or evening.

Take Care & God Bless,



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