~*~ Performance of Romeo & Juliet ~*~

via Daily Prompt: Quartet


<<Sarah Lamb as Juliet and Matthew Golding as Romeo (the Royal Ballet) in "Romeo and Juliet" choreography by Sir Kenneth MacMillan at Dance Open Ballet Festival 2016 with The Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre Company at The Alexandrinsky Theatre or Russian State Pushkin Academy Drama Theater (Russian state academic drama theatre. A. S. Pushkin), Saint Petersburg, Russia # Photo © Stas Levshin>>


Rehearsals had been completed

the performance began that evening.

The Elizabethan stage was crawling

with actors over every inch,

men in their finest robes

and young boys in dresses.


A tragedy of two lives

love is torn apart,

one remains standing

over her loves deathbed

as the quartet hums a

melodramatic hymn.


Two young lovers

shed their own blood,

no one could imagine

that their love had run so deep,

poison now coursing through his veins,

and a jabbing torment through her heart.


Two young lovers

died in each other’s arms

and shed their own blood.

He died for his Juliet

and she for her Romeo.

The audience applauds.






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