March 28, 2018: Brain Overload

Yeah, I do that a lot. :P


Hello, My Dear Friends…

I hope all of you are doing well on this Hump Day.  

I wish I had any news pertaining to my mood lifting, but it really hasn’t.  My depression and anxiety seem to be winning an ongoing race with one another.  I’m trying my darndest to break out of it.

Self-soothing method of today was I actually slept in until almost 9:30 am, I guess that is from my overwhelming depression and pure exhaustion, then I played catch up with the Reader for a while. 

I then took a shower and did up my hair, but did it with no place to go.

Then, I proceeded to make mini-egg souffle’ with spinach and cheese.  If that wasn’t enough, then I made blueberry pancakes.  I did this just to keep my mind busy and not have to overthink what has been happening to me over the course of weeks now.

I’ve also been trying to write creatively, but that seems to be going South as well as my somber mood.  Which I’m noticing according to my stats lately.  LOL!  But, it is helping me get out the angst I feel deep down to my core.

Tomorrow, I plan on returning phone calls that have been accumulating over the last three day in regards to health insurance quotes.  I’ve been reading e-mail quotes like this has become a full-time job.  Plus all this thinking about moving to Florida is weighing heavy on me too.  I really want to in order to take care of my Mom, but the thought of losing my parrot of 30 years, is killing me inside.

I so wish there was an easy fix to this one, but this is a very hard decision I have to make.  In the meantime, I continue to read other blogs and some amazing poetry.  It truly does help me get out of my head.  So, Thank you, guys, for helping me accomplish that.

I hope you all have a pleasant evening.  🙂

Take Care & God Bless,



  1. Happy Wednesday Beckie, I know first hand how these two issues battling each other can wear you out. They actually just put me on another med to help lift my depression more… one pill to bring me up and to bring me down… What the hell? It seems like you have a lot going on and many of them are a trigger for each problem. I know personally when something brings me great anxiety I then naturally crash into a huge deep deep depression… which then in return, turns on the anxiety. UGH!!! I have also learned that the “stats” come in waves lol don’t look at that and think it’s your writing at all! People get busy, they look for what they want to read depending on their moods, when and what you post and how many times a day is a huge factor… it’s a crazy trig problem. Moving to another state wouldn’t be easy for anyone. Don’t be too hard on yourself. You are doing all the right things. Self-grooming even if you’re not going out, making meals and not just ordering out, reading and catching up on calls and emails.. sounds to me you’re getting shit done!
    Take care Beckie I hope you kick the crap out of this funk you’re in. Virtual hugs 🤗

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