For the ♡ of Self

I just had to reblog the following post by “Revenge of Eve” – I just love the message she sends each time she posts! 🙂

At time’s life becomes too tiresome. It is a struggle to life, to wake, to work and even eating is an annoying task. It is difficult finding the time to function although that’s all there is …. time! The clock seems to tick at seconds intervals, barely making a minute go by.

Eventually periods as such wear off but during these time’s life is hard. The reality of the struggle to life really sucks. Barely able to lift your head, body aches from laying in bed and a tear stained face are physical attributes attached to these periods.

Usually the exhaustion is caused from pushing too hard for too long until the body decides it can not take any more. Acts of self love help to alleviate the guilt of not accomplishing anything. Efforts attempting to maintain one’s hygiene are valuable. The simple act of showering becomes a task yet…

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