~*~ At This Moment ~*~

I am gonna write a poem based off this picture. It just says so much. Very beautiful!


At this moment, I see your face…

You’re not in my view,

but I still see your face, an image

that I can’t ever erase

At this moment, I recall…

your smile, and warm eyes.

The tender way you stole my heart,

Just by being you,

you brought me to life.

At this moment, I think of you still.

Your endless encouragement, understanding, and love…

Where did it all go so wrong?

The sorrow you made me endure.

At this moment…

The hurt is still so real,

I can’t believe I will ever heal.

At this moment…

In my heart, the pain is hidden

so deep, the rest never to be revealed.



Written back in 2003 right after my divorce.Β  I was rather drunk when I wrote this, not something I am proud to admit.Β  Thank God, that time of my life passed on.


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