~*~ Time Moves On ~*~

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Lost in wonder | Enjoying the view of the Sacre Coeur from inside the Musee d’Orsay clock tower | Image via budgettraveller.org

Is’nt funny 

how time passes

us by in the 

blink of an eye?

Children playing

in warm weather

you wish this

feeling could last


Get together’s

with friends

you never want 

it to end.

Don’t stare at 

that clock

wishing time would 

move faster.

It’s gonna

keep on tick-tocking

you’re not the

time master. 

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10 thoughts on “~*~ Time Moves On ~*~

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      1. I hope it is getting better for you – I have just gotten here for the first time since this morning. I popped on for a few minutes, and that was it. My boss has left on vacation, and I ran some errands this morning, tried to walk in the grocery store – very ugly out, but figured I’d better go since the next 10 days look kind of dicey for planning purposes.

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              1. Good morning Beckie – that’s what we have here as well. Pouring raining. No walk, and didn’t even go out to run the car. My boss is out of town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and they have lots of snow there. Our baseball home opener was cancelled due to the all-day rain. Very depressing weather.

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