~ Lying Bedfellow ~

via Daily Post Prompt: Swallow

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Your elixir of crass words

you made me swallow

coming from a thief

so distant and shallow

leaving my soul

tatttered and hollow

You pound your chest in victory

significantly you wallow

You kicked me to the curb

slammed the door preventing me to follow

I made a terrible

mistake you selfish bedfellow.



Dedicated to my ex-fiance’ that kicked me out to be homeless, when learning that I was mentally ill.  There are some things that are unforgivable.


[Picture provided by Pinterest]







  1. Great poem. Very powerful. I am sorry he did that to you and you had to go through that. My ex-husband could not deal with my bipolar either, so we divorced. I have also been homeless for over three months. It was awful. I think I only survived that time in my life because I was manic and did not know it. Oh, the joys that mental illness brings with it. Sarcasm at its finest. Thanks for sharing the poem. l I loved it. Hugs, Sue

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  2. People have so much fear when they don’t understand what other people are going through. It freaks them out when they see or hear about people that are disabled in some way. So sad. This world is still back in 1800 & 1900 hundreds.😪😔

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