March 23, 2018: Friday Frolics 🎼

Good Morning, to all of my fellow blogging buddies!  As most of you know, it has been a rough stretch for me over the last few weeks, especially this week.  Anxiety is through the roof and nerves challenged. But… It’s Friday!  I’ve thought of songs for today’s line up that I’ve thought about all week.  Pretty much a selection that suits the mood I’ve been in.  I think you will like them, or at least I hope you do.  🎧 🎼 🎹 🥁 


tastefullyoffensive: “Oscar-worthy.  ”



😦 😧 😨 😩 🤯 😬 😰 😱 😳 🤪 😵 😡 😠 🤬  Trying to let this go for at least the upcoming weekend when there is nothing I can do about it, I may as well play good tunes, and chill the F’ out!  🤗 🤩

Aww!!! Look at how Ringo does his hair! And then there's Paul and John doing their makeup <3 gif


Cool Animated GIFs by Radio | Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration



My Mom and I would sing this song when I was younger.  When times were rough, we blasted this in the car or on MTV.  I love this song, and it lifted my spirits when I thought about adding it to this weeks selection.  🎸 🎸 


Sheldon the Tiny Dinosaur - Album on Imgur


Hope you enjoyed this week of Friday Frolic!  Have a great weekend everyone! 



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