March 23, 2018: Friday Frolics 🎼

Beckie's Mental Mess

Good Morning, to all of my fellow blogging buddies!  As most of you know, it has been a rough stretch for me over the last few weeks, especially this week.  Anxiety is through the roof and nerves challenged. But… It’s Friday!  I’ve thought of songs for today’s line up that I’ve thought about all week.  Pretty much a selection that suits the mood I’ve been in.  I think you will like them, or at least I hope you do.  🎧 🎼 🎹 🥁 

tastefullyoffensive: “Oscar-worthy.  ”

😦 😧 😨 😩 🤯 😬 😰 😱 😳 🤪 😵 😡 😠 🤬  Trying to let this go for at least the upcoming weekend when there is nothing I can do about it, I may as well play good tunes, and chill the F’ out!  🤗 🤩

Aww!!! Look at how Ringo does his hair! And then there's Paul and John doing their makeup <3 gif

Cool Animated GIFs by Radio | Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration

My Mom and I would sing this song when I was younger.  When times were rough, we blasted this in the car…

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      • I just sent you a note to your e-mail about feeding that cutie peanuts … I just found that info out yesterday. You love Peanut as I loved my birds, especially the last two canaries as they were all I had in the way of family after my mom passed away. They are missed very much.

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              • I got behind in Reader over the weekend as well and was caught up as of Friday night, but then I was fiddling around tweaking my blog site and writing the post on Saturday and when I went to read Reader last time, I was overwhelmed. I have my appointment for highlights/haircut on April 14th – I cancelled it in February as we had so much snow, and I go to a small place and they are fine if I cancel due to snow and it frees them up on a Saturday morning to take a few other appointments, but I went ahead and cancelled it well in advance anyway – of course, it was a beautiful day that day! Oh well, I work from home and knew I’d have a hat on til mid-April anyway. I went last Monday to renew my driver’s license and new picture. She asked me if I liked it – here in Michigan we have to physically renew it with a vision test and new picture every 8 years. I looked at it and said “no, not really, it looks like a mug shot” and she offered a do-over, but I said “I don’t think it is you, it is me.” 🙂

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                  • We get a new driver’s license every four years and on the new card, the picture shows up “ghosted” so if you are stopped or need to show identification, people know you are on your second card. Every eight years, you take the vision and driver’s test. Now, interestingly, I went a week ago today. I don’t drive a lot since I work from home, and I walk so much. I usually walk twice as much as I drive. So, it used to be a written multiple-choice test and I always look over the book (which is now online) before I go to take the test as I miss sometimes on the questions about baby seats in the car and what to do or hauling a trailer and miss at least one traffic sign or pavement marking. So, last Sunday, I was studying for this test – I was overwhelmed because the more I read, the more it seemed I didn’t know off the top of my head, so OMG. I crammed stuff into my head, and they’ve closed so many Secretary of State offices since you can do so much at kiosks or online, I had to drive quite away to get there. She gave me a vision test, didn’t do well and I said I get a new prescription every May, so she was okay with that, paid my money, got the picture – no test. Spent all that time studying for it, but I was relieved big time!


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