Talisman of Wishes

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Today is one of those day’s where I feel less creative not only because I would love nothing more than to own a talisman of good fortune, but because of my ongoing saga of with my Medicaid expiring, but finding out that I can’t collect Medicare because I am too young.  “Ain’t that a hoot?”  

So, if I did own an amulet I would have prayed for a magical spell to pay for health insurance up front.  I’m not quite sure what to do next, after speaking to over a dozen people regarding this matter other than filling out a new through Medicaid application with my questions attached later this afternoon.  All together I spent over two and a half hours on hold, then non-stop online researching my options, now avoiding my phone because I have every single insurance company hounding and blowing up my damn phone.  Total hours vested 8:15am through to 4:10pm.  The cheapest insurance quote per month out of pocket is $251.89.  This is bulls _ _ _!  

My anxiety and nerves are shot to ever-lovin’ hell.

To sum it up, I’m frazzled!  

😖 😞 😟 😤 😢






  1. Ugh. Sorry to hear that. I’m sure it’s extremely frustrating, but I’m sure you’ll figure it out. Good luck. Also I have been there with insurance quotes and somehow everyone in with 500 miles gets your number and acts like you inquired through them…. um no.. CLICK

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  2. That is so frustrating, and having to spend that long waiting to be told such expensive news, it’s no wonder you’re feeling frazzled. I’m so sorry to hear and I hope that you’re able work towards a place of peace.

    I’ve tagged you to take part in the 3 Day, 3 Quotes, Tag 3 challenge. You post an inspirational or motivational quote each day for 3 days, tagging 3 others each day. I hope it’s something you might be interested in!



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