They Say Mental Illness is an Invisible Disease – a Poem

An outstanding piece that needed to be reblogged based on content. Original is by Sue from “My Loud Bipolar Whispers…Hope” God Bless you, Sue. 🙂

My Loud Whispers of Hope

Because today is World Poetry Day 2018, I decided to write a poem. I hope you like it.

They say mental illness is an invisible disease.

No depression cough or bipolar sneeze.

There are no mental illness casts or bandages to wear

to heal or symbolize the pain we must endure and bear.

Stigma influences the disease to become hidden

making speaking of it sometimes strictly forbidden.

Fear that exposing the truth would cause bias and shame

forces survivors to pretend and deceive by hiding its name.

There are no blood tests to determine the diagnosis or cause.

No x-rays or cat scans to prove medications should pause.

Developing the art of illusion and becoming the master of disguise

becomes necessary to hide painful symptoms and internal cries.

We must end stigma and stop the fears.

Listen compassionately with open ears.

Mental illness voices must speak and be heard


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