The skirt

Original piece by Marion Njeri “Poems of Mariana” – a fairly new blogger who has shared this poem about culture. Such a powerful piece at that. Please show some love my fellow bloggers. πŸ™‚

Poems of Mariana


Grandmother, I brought my stool

My ears open and my questions in mind

I am dressed in a pair of jeans

My skirt cannot be trusted to keep my secrets

What actually is out of order?

As the maize turns brown and black please explain in full

The word indecent as used by mankind

The skirt you wore in a picture looked like two sewn fins

Your chest was bare, yet you stood bold and fearless

I admire that attire which I cannot have

Wishing the timeline could change to take me back to the time

What makes it different know?

That a bare chested girl in a finned skirt

Will be a reference of cold and shameless

Does the sun shine brighter these days,

Exposing even that clothes mean to hide

Or did it frown on your bodies then?

That men and women did not seem to notice

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