~*~ Paint ~*~

via Daily Prompt: Blush


half and half


Facing the mirror, her face bare

a grimace pierced in the corner of her lips

“what’s the point?”  she 

thought aloud.

Tired eyes looking back,

she reached for her bag

of paint.


applying foundation

to cover the dark circles,

then a neutral eyeshadow;

mascara to brighten up her

distant eyes of chestnut brown.

Upon her cheeks a soft blush and

a touch of lipgloss to her pouting lips.

Fixated on the warpaint

she just applied,

tears now welled in her freshly painted eyes,

why had she bothered?

she then thought to herself,

“who am I trying to impress?”

One single tear rolled down her face

a black streak descended her fresh painted cheek.

Staring back through the mirror

his image did appear.

He whispered softly,

“You can do it, my Dear”

then he faded away,

leaving her empty inside.

She so longed for him to be beside her again,

she knew life had to go on, and face it alone.













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