March 19, 2018: Weekend & Monday in Review

Good afternoon my friends,  Hope that you all had a great weekend or at least a relaxing one at that.  

My weekend was a relaxing one, a happy one shared with my two best buds, “JT & LG.”  It was “LG’s” Birthday and Sunday we celebrated it the only way the three of us can, 🍰 🎂   plenty of laughter which is what the doctor ordered.   👨‍⚕️

Plus, I got to spend quality time with my niece “Lucy” in the picture below.  I just adore this little pooch with all my heart.  Plenty of belly, belly rubs, and playing games with her.  She is one of the happiest little 🐶 I ever encountered. 

I think Little Lucy has a better wardrobe than me.  LOL!!!

As I mentioned, the weekend was very beneficial to my well-being for sure.  My anxiety was at bay for the first time in two weeks, and I was able to enjoy life finally.

Then the weekend ended and the chaos began again, with my nerves shot to ever-lovin’ hell.  I met with my psychiatrist to discuss my medication situation, and that got all straightened out, except I learned that my Medicaid and insurance expired for reasons I have no answers to as of yet.  This was after spending an hour on the phone trying to search for answers.  I had to leave a message with Social Services, and most likely have to go in to discuss what is going on.  I’m already on disability, but I can’t afford my own insurance on what I earn.  😰 😱 😳

This means all my doctor’s appointments and medication are on hold.  One step forward, eight back.  I’m trying to keep optimistic, but I am rather confused and irritated because I never received anything in the mail pertaining to any of this new information that I obtained today. 😡 😠 🤬 

The one nice part of today was that my roommate took me out to dinner to just step out and enjoy the somewhat warmer temps today, a balmy 42 degrees out.  It won’t last though, we are due for another Winter storm the day after the first day of Spring.  Go figure.  

Anywho, in the meantime, I am back to continue being me and writing again after having the weekend off.  😍 😘   Now, I can play catch up with the posts I missed, and get my mind off of my personal issues as of current.

I hope all of you had a pleasant weekend, and have a wonderful evening.

Take Care & God Bless,

Beckie 💗




13 thoughts on “March 19, 2018: Weekend & Monday in Review

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  1. I just redid all of my paperwork for Medicaid, about 3 month’s ago. I am sure that’s when yours were mailed out. It was the first renewal application that I have done online. I hoped you get all of that straightened out. If need be I can email you there site or the number you can call.

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    1. I never received anything in the mail from Medicaid, nor my insurance company which is the frustrating part of all. I called my contact person I have dealt with since day one, and left her a message. She is normally off on Mondays. I will call again first thing tomorrow morning.


    1. Thanks, Hun. We went to a really good local diner that makes awesome food always. I just wish I could help my roommate more. She is so depressed, and I am so anxious and teetering on depression, we make a great pair going out and trying to cheer each other up. LOL! Never the less, it was a pleasant time out with her.


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