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Good Morning All,  It only seems fitting that today’s Daily Post Prompt is Incubate.


Today marks my baby boy’s 30th. Birthday, this my son, “Peanut.”  

When my husband and were nearing in on our first anniversary, we knew exactly what we had wanted to do.  I was always fascinated by birds and most particularly parrots.    

We would visit pet stores and talk with all different breeds of parrots, but the lessons we learned rather quickly was that the birds were all of a certain age already and that the bird needed to like both of us, and not select one parental unit.  That in itself seemed near to impossible to find.

One Sunday afternoon, my husband was reading the paper and came across a breeder out in Staten Island, New York.  Right after reading, we called immediately to schedule an appointment after discussing the breed of bird we so wanted.  The breed was an Amazon Yellow Nape.  

Two weeks later, we met the breeder who became known as “Uncle Tom” to both my husband and me, but as to Peanut as well.  We were lead into a room with eleven other Amazon Yellow Nape parrots all ranking in age and size.  We both stood there with our mouths wide open in awe of these beautiful creatures.  

After standing there, and checking them all over, this little fuzzy dude jumped off a perch and hid under my hair.  I’m not gonna lie, he did look like this scrawny little gray thing with undeveloped wings.  He was making this little noise that was like a baby cooing, and that was pretty much what stole our hearts.

We had to go through a formal adoption process of residence, work, references etc… in order to adopt this little guy.  Two weeks later we learned we were approved.  Because Peanut was so young, he was held in an incubator for a few more weeks.  But, then came the time we could take this funny little guy home.  He looked enormous in the cage we bought him, and he still needed to be hand fed baby food.

My husband and I could not decide on a name for him for at least a couple more weeks.  We couldn’t decide until we got to see his personality and colors come in.  Then one day, the parrot was sitting atop his perch and was messing with his first solid foods.  He was absolutely fascinated with peanuts and twirled them in his talons.   He would giggle at this little nut he was grasping, and we couldn’t help but laugh along with him. And, that is how my baby boy got his name.  For that matter, Peanut has several nicknames as well;

Marathon Mouth, Moldy Crow, Chicken Boy, Emerald Dumpling, and his favorite which he announces every chance he gets…  “Pretty Peanut Baby Boy!!!”

Today, Peanut will have an oatmeal pancake for breakfast, and a veggie rice dish for dinner, and of course I’ll be singing Happy Birthday to my little boy.

The End,




  1. Ahh – This story made me smile Beckie – happy birthday to you Peanut dear. I used to call my canary Buddy by the nickname of Peanut because he was brown with some black and white marking – told him he looked like a peanut. I will share this with my friend who is not on WordPress but has an Amazon Grey – I remember her telling me the same things when he was a baby and how he had to sleep on his floor as he was too small to climb up on the perch.

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      • We had parakeets when I was growing up, then canaries in later years. My friend Ann Marie had an Amazon Grey for 25 years. Its name was Cookie. They took Cookie on vacation with them, often camping in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. They had a huge cage on the front porch and would take Cookie and put him in it all Summer when they were sitting on their porch. In December 2014, her husband was baking bread and he was taking out the pans, and it slipped out of his oven mitts, and fell onto the oven rack and somehow caught on fire (gas stove). They couldn’t move Cookie out of the kitchen fast enough and he suffocated. They have no children, no relatives, just each other and so they went to a breeder, the same where they bought Cookie 25 years before, and got another Grey for as soon as it was ready to come home. She told me the same story of hand feeding and how she had to nurture him until he was older. Learned a lot about parrots from her. This one’s name is Digger.

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      • I miss my little Buddy so much – he was just the light in my day and he was very full of mischief.
        The canary I had before Buddy was more sedate, but both of them sang beautifully, and they both liked Christmas songs, especially Karen Carpenter’s music. Maybe becausee it was not loud? I do miss him, but won’t get any more pets – devastating to lose a pet and because I have no family at all, it was like losing a member of my family … I don’t know if I ever showed you a picture of Buddy or not when you mentioned Peanut before, but here he is … doesn’t look like a canary. He was a Gloster Canary and also referred to as a mo-top canary. I stopped walking at Council Point Park for about a year (2015-2016) because the avian flu virus was so bad in Michigan. There were warnings about getting near water fowl especially who might carry the disease. I asked the vet if I could be contaminated and somehow transfer the virus to Buddy –
        the geese are in the Park and while I try not to step in goose poop, you know they step in it and walk across the walking path … to not take chances, I did not go there for almost a year, but walked along a nice street in my City and passed over a footbridge and underneath was an extension of the Ecorse Creek and there were ducks and geese in there – I figured I didn’t walk in their footsteps so it was okay. I took no chances on anything as to Buddy’s health, then he had a stroke … I am still devastated by his death and misting up as I write this. My first canary died the year my mom died and his death hit me hard and I didn’t want another pet, but my neighbor/friend Marge said “it is nearly Christmas … (Sugar died on December 9th) … you are all alone, no job (I got laid off while my mom was sick) ) and you have to have a little companion. I was adamant that I would not – too painful … rethought it and got another canary … that was Buddy. But after I had Buddy euthanized I told myself as much as I loved him, I was sorry that I had gotten him as it was too painful. Just me … no company in the house … big empty spot in the corner of the kitchen. I put a toaster oven there and tried not to look over there … still think of him daily … enjoy Peanut … I should have gotten a parrot of some type as it may have been here for the rest of my years … I know my friend Ann Marie and her husband must worry about their Amazon Grey … Ann Marie is 75 and her husband is 83. Digger is only three years old. This is my little guy:


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      • Are you friends willing Digger to a relative or friend when they pass? I can’t believe they had gotten him so late in life. I like how your little Buddy liked Christmas music/Karen Carpenter. Peanut love s Amy Grants “Baby, Baby” He also loves classical music becasue he sings opera.

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      • I like that Peanut sings opera – I think they like the softer female voices – he never liked Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas” … but then again, I didn’t either … I like the traditional Christmas music or softer sounds. I am surprised they got Digger so late in life either. I know Ann Marie has a neice in California but that is all. They can live for many decades as you know – I want to say 50-60 or more years. Buddy, and Sugar before him, all liked to sing. I loved to hear them sing.

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      • You do make me smile with Peanut Beckie … it makes me think of Buddy and I called him Peanut and Button too … don’t know how I started calling him Button, maybe started to say Buddy one time and it came out wrong. Sugar used to have a swing in his cage and he loved to swing but even more he would go from a perch on one side of the cage to a perch on the other side (same cage as Buddy had) and he’d just sail through the swing, like a tiger jumping through a hoop, his feet didn’t touch. He’d be singing the entire time, sometimes would do it 20 times in a row. My mom and I would watch him, terrified he’d make a misstep and hurt himself. They were both very loved birds and they know it, just like Peanut does, and I think when they know how special they are to you, they show you their love as well.

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