March 16, 2018: It’s All About Chillin’

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Hello, My Dear Blogging Community.  I just wanted to personally thank you all for such a tremendous response, and well wishes you have all conveyed to me in recent days.  

Today, I have done nothing but relax after only doing a load of laundry.  That, and checking most of you out on the “Reader”, and the absolute comfort of just getting lost in all the outstanding works.

I intend to limit myself over the weekend, by keeping it rather simple.  In other words, low maintenance and self-care.  I am looking forward to being with my dear friend “JT” on Saturday, and then again to celebrate our dear friend “LG’s” birthday on Sunday.  

Of course, I’ll still be doing my “Quote of the Day” and whatever the Daily Post Prompt of the day will be, but after that…  I truly need a weekend to Chill.  

Part of my self-care this evening is making maple brown sugar oatmeal pancakes, crocheting, and watching TV.  Then with any luck under God, I’ll be going to bed at a reasonable hour, like last night.

I truly hope whatever it is that you have planned over the weekend is a relaxing one at that too.  

Take Care & God Bless,

Beckie  💕


  1. I hope your weekend is restful Beckie – I have been super busy at work and looking forward to some down time hopefully – it looks like I might have to do some work this weekend and not happy about it. I am very behind in Reader, but want to catch up on my sleep as well. Sleep may prevail and hold over some Reader reading until tomorrow. Sigh. Need more hours in a day.

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