Hello, All! I would like to share the following poetry with a fairly new blogger. Suhaib Hussain “Suhaib – Scribble Letters” – I so enjoyed this piece.


This time I have written a poem. The title of the poem is Worth. It goes as follows:


I walked all the way to the depth of sea,

Darkness, silence and a miserable me.

I went to the top of mountains so high,

Feels like an illusion and a perfect lie.

I ran through the course of jungle so thick,

The thoughts becoming clear with a flick.

Yes I do it and nothing wrong i could find,

Unclear pursuit and my overthinking mind.

All that ordeal was worth for the psych,

As now I know what infinity feels like!

This poem is dedicated to all the chronic thinkers. Overthinking is not a problem specially when you think about the change, a change everyone wishes for but is afraid to even go for it.

Life is not very easy to get but we have made it even harder to understand.

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