Escape Mindset

DiD (multiple personality disorder).  Requested by:


eluding unwanted thoughts

act one way for a show

act another behind closed doors

floundering inside my mind

disguised and blind

knocking me down to splintered floors

time ticks away

as my brain decays

futile attempts for tranquility

out of reach

dreadful persuasions transpire

normalcy is hidden out of sight

leaving me forlorn





[Picture provide by Pinterest]






  1. I never like to give advice but those thoughts only want to hurt you… there are loving thoughts you can think any day… try to answer the horrible thoughts with loving ones.. these punishing voices dont tell the real truth, even though the past horrors we have known are many…..I hope its not invalidating to say this… Hugs Beckie ❤ ❤ ❤

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