8.The love I want

This beautiful piece is by Sameera “The Elixir of Words”

The Elixir Of Words💖

Last night
Stars balter under my feet
When we walked barefoot
On the mint grasses
In our dusky lawn.

The moon hummed
Lullaby of reveries
When you whispered magic
In my numb ears

My senses all awake
Dancing to palpitations
Of ruby heart
Blues turn scarlet
Amid sapphire sky

Moon hummed and
Stars balter
A rejuvenation occur
My lost soul cried midnight
In your chiffon arms
Resting eternal chaos of emptiness
On your orchid shoulders

My lilac lonely dusk
Etwined vibrations of gold horizon
Breathing sillage you left behind
In my charcoal sky

It’s all you- he said when he left
It’s all me- I murmured in dream
He is the love residing in my crevices of my heart
He called me gorgeous even when I was falling apart.

©Sameera Mansuri (2018)

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