The Tree That He Left Behind*

Original piece by Nandita “A Tangle of Weeds” I simply love this, I hope you do as well. πŸ™‚

A Tangle of Weeds


At the break of dawn, he sings the sweetest song
Hoping from across the skies that I will sing along
I dance with life, full of the joys of the untold gift of dusk
That bursts forth a morning no matter how dark the night

He plants a seed, he hopes someday a garden of love to bear
The fruits he wishes for all to taste when they ready and ripe
I carry my urn, fill it to the brim with diamonds from my crater lake
I pour them all on the sapling, I watch dewdrops pirouette with delight

A man of affection, he whispers gentle words to the tender leaves
He is a man of depth, only I know his essence has seeped in till the roots
Passersby get seduced by the fragrance of the blossoms so strong in the wind
I smile and I nod my head in…

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