March 12, 2018: Seasonal Slump (SAD) 😔

Is there a greeting card -

Good Afternoon, My Dear Friends.  

Does anyone here suffer from (SAD) Seasonal Affective Disorder?  I know Spring is around the corner that seems miles away from today.  (SAD) is characterized by the onset of depression during the Winter months, when there is less natural sunlight.  This type of depression lifts during the Spring & Summer months, but again… It’s taking its sweet time.  

The last few days were full of blue skies, and sunlight that truly was noticeable in my mood.  Then this morning, it was back to being gray and cloudy with yet another impending Northeastern on its relentless way.  😦

Lack of sunlight causes and contributes to (SAD).  That is why doctors state that by taking vitamin D, will help with fighting the blues during this period.  Well, no disrespect to doctors, but I do take vitamin D and I’m not feeling much better. 

I’d like for people that suffer from (SAD) to tell me and other readers, what is it that you do to fight the onset or continuous slump of the seasonal slump?


On another note.  I woke up this morning and kept my self-care & self-soothing regime by doing the following:

  • Early morning meditation for 20 minutes
  • Coffee and conversation with my roommate.
  • Read some fantastic post & poetry throughout the morning.
  • Fixed myself a late breakfast of a banana & corn muffin.
  • I didn’t shower or do my makeup this morning because I did do that yesterday and I tend to do that every other day regardless.
  • I did another 15 minutes of mindful meditation to work on the slump of a mood that I am currently in.
  • Plan on taking a nap because I didn’t sleep too well after my sciatic nerves kicked my butt yesterday from all my self-soothing of repotting my indoor plants and cleaning all afternoon.
  • Then I plan on making a meatloaf dinner with roasted potatoes and green beans.
  • I plan on reading more blogs, as I have been catching up surely but slowly.
  • Then, back to my evening meditation before relaxing and watching “The Crown” on Netflix before I go to bed.


Again, I would love to know your methods of breaking the course of (SAD) if you suffer from this depression?  As well as what did you do today as your self-care & self-soothing regime?

I wish you all well and hope that you have a wonderful afternoon.  🙂

Take Care & God Bless,




  1. I have a friend who lives in Honeyoe Falls, New York (near Rochester) … she told me that that part of the U.S. is more susceptible to Vitamin D deficiency due to the lack of sunlight all year around, but more so at this time. She was advised by her GP to take Vitamin D to avoid deficiency and especially as she is now 62, but because of the risks of lack of bone strength and osteoporosis if you don’t have sufficient Vitamin D.

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      • I would do the happy light … I have one in my kitchen and was using it all Winter. I bought it for my canary, as spectrum light is good for then in the Winter months, but I found the light too harsh for me and didn’t want to use it on him, even though the vet recommended it. This is the model I have and I paid $39.00 for mine at Meijer (grocery store which is like a WalMart or KMart) and Amazon has the same model for $29.00 and they say $10.00 cheaper so they are right on the money. You do have to use special lights that come with the lamp, BUT in the instructions, they will tell you that you need to order lights from the manufacturer. Maybe they sell those lights at a specialty light shop but if you like the lamp, you might want to order extra lightbulbs:

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      • You’re welcome Beckie – I went to bed at 8:00 p.m. – I think the sun had gone down and the alarm went off and I hit snooze a few times. This weather … and the over-long Winter have zapped me. I can’t look outside as I put up my St. Paddy’s Day wreath and it covers the peep hole in the door and I don’t want to open the steel door – crime in the ‘hood. I have to wait until it is light to see if I am walking or not – they were hinting at an inch of snow, but sometimes that affects the northern suburbs more than here. I should not complain about snow when I hear what you’ve endured and what is going on in Boston – OMG.

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      • I admire the fact you walk every day. If only the weather would change for the better then I could try it.
        I just woke up, opened the blinds, and feel the need to crawl back under the covers. We have an inch or so outside already… I’m so pleased I live no where near Boston. I would be homicidal if I lived anywhere near there.
        If there is so much crime in the hood, is it safe for you to be walking alone?

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      • Thank you and once you start, if you can make that knee and back pain subside some, it might help you as it is a low-impact exercise. I’ve never been one for jumping around and jogging and running is bad for knees, and for your bones in general. It takes it toll on your bones by that constant hitting the ground full force.

        I could not deal with what the East Coast, especially Boston, is having. It is dangerous and depressing.

        I went to bed so early last night and I still have not switched the clocks over, just the alarm clock – SMH. I set the clock and keep it in the kitchen, so I have to get up, as opposed to the other alarm clock which makes a *&^% loud noise for five minutes and then shuts itself off. I just say “oh well” to that one and roll over. This morning, after all that sleep, I got up, turned it off, and went back to bed again. I’ve had a boring project at work and found myself nodding off throughout the day. It has to be the weather after all that sleep.

        The crime is bad, but mostly at night, but it is dangerous even at stores. I don’t go to the mall very much anymore and the grocery store, I go in the morning, and for some reason, and I don’t get this, people get ripped off in the parking lot at Meijer where I shop in the middle of the day … always around 1:00 p.m. or 2:00 p.m. I don’t understand that. I don’t take a purse and haven’t for years. I carry my Meijer card in my coat and in nicer weather, I wear a fanny pack and carry the camera and a little bit of money in it. I only carry about $30.00 and that’s if someone would try to rob me, I’d hate to not have anything for them, though, we have so much crime in Detroit (I’m about 12 miles from downtown Detroit), and people will hand over their wallet, keys to their car, everything, and criminals still kill them. It is disgusting. Our City was in receivership about six years ago and it was in receivership for three years and that person in charge cut the first responders by giving retirement packages to police/fire/EMS and then in their place hiring newbies and part-time personnel. Nice! No dog catcher, we rely on other cities and I think that is still the case. It was after the recession and many people lost their homes and just left them and their dogs behind – lots of people with pit bulls because they want the protection when the crime got so bad. My worry is a pit bull wandering the streets. But, it is better with the stray dogs, now that the City just recently hired an animal control officer (for all animals – we had a rat problem too as a result of people abandoning their homes and just up and leaving with food in there, etc. – it is much improved now) (my rat problem was from the guy behind who left the pit bull out 24/7/365). When I walk I have a police whistle around my neck on a lanyard, and I have a canister of pepper spray and canister of pepper gel as well. Those are hooked on the fanny pack. I bought pepper spray and then read an article in the forum of “Lincoln Park Crimes” on Facebook that it can blow back in your face, so I got the gel which they recommend. I pray I never have to use it. To be honest, once I come in the house after walking or errands, I rarely go back outside again. I am going to start walking in the evening if it is light, if it rains in the morning. I never did it before, but sometimes we will have a rainy spell, and I miss the walking then. But never in the dark. A group of women walk at the Park in the dark. They walk before they go to work. I’d not do that – even in a group. I worked in Downtown Detroit too many decades, and am probably overly careful.

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      • I wouldn’t even walk in the dark either, hell no. I don’t care if I live in a great area, I would never do it. My luck, I would encounter a buck. LOL! 🙂
        We lucked out with the weather this time around, thank goodness. I can’t take it anymore. Boston and the Eastern end of Long Island got hit again. I’m so happy I don’t live out there anymore.

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      • I was just responding to a comment by a woman who lived on Long Island for years. Her and her husband retired to western Georgia, near Asheville and they love it, but they’ve been having snow more than usual – she said she likes the snow. I said I would not miss snow if I never saw it again.

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      • I agree – we have not had a normal Winter in at least six years – this one was bad, the two before that were mild and hardly any snow, and the prior two years were bitter cold and very snowy, the two Polar Vortex Winters back-to-back. I lost a lot of bushes, and most all my perennials.

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      • And, even if the nice areas, more in the northern suburbs with the big houses and the gated communities, and all that … they still have crime, and there was a jogger, whose murder two years ago is still unsolved, she was jogging as she did every morning, in the neighborhood, along a path and someone shot her in the back in broad daylight. That’s scary. Another one, a teenaged girl, walking with her dog in a big park where there are many people all times of the day, as it is a bicycle trail, and jogging/walking trail. She was raped and murdered. SMH – nowhere is safe apparently. Not at night even … I won’t venture out at night. When I worked in downtown Detroit, in the Winter, I’d leave in the dark, and come home in the dark. I’d have to walk about a block and a half to/from the bus stop. I worried a little, but on Fort Street (I am 7 houses from the main drag) it was always busy. But that has been 9 years since I worked on site and a lot has happened to downgrade the neighborhoods since then. Even men have been robbed in the day – you think they’d find women easy prey, but two construction workers, big burly guys, robbed in the parking lot of a restaurant in the middle of the day about four blocks from my house. I follow the crime sites for my city on Facebook so I know what’s going on.

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      • I worked in the City of Detroit for decades and went to school there as well but I would not go down there now – it was much safer before. It is not really safe there, or anywhere anymore. I would not want to have kids and raise them now in the world as crazy as it is. We had two school lockdowns today and we have been having an average of at least one per day since the Florida school shooting. We have so many workplace shootings, where people just go off on their employer if they were fired or reprimanded. There are too many people carrying guns these days – very scary.


      • I meant to add that I’ve been having problems with my knees – I believe I am sitting too much, despite the walking. Plus, I work for my job from my kitchen table, then all the blogging and reading on the computer into the evening. I should have a proper chair I guess but I was not sitting here as many hours in a day before as I do now. I try to get up and stretch during the day, but I think it is because my legs are long and always sitting in one spot, can’t be good for knees.

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      • I hope so too and maybe your room mate will be feeling better and you can embark on a walking regimen together. When I began, I only went one City block the first week, then gradually kept getting a larger area every day and building it up gradually. If you go gradually, you’ll avoid shin splints which will be miserable and then you will be out of commission for awhile. I know, I’ve done that before on a beautiful day and just kept on walking.


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