What Living with Bipolar Disorder Has Taught Me About life (Thus Far)

An excellent post by “Thatsreallypretty” on being bipolar, and not being able to pray it away. One woman’s journey living with mental illness.


A few months ago I found out that I’ve probably had Mixed State Bipolar disorder most of my life. I was relieved to hear the news. Mental health is a tricky subject and I grew up in a home where we didn’t address our thoughts and feelings either at all or not in the most productive way. Now that I’m older and have control over decisions regarding my well-being, I have spent a wealth of time becoming more in tune to my mental state on a daily basis through rituals, practicing mindfulness, therapy and seeing my psychiatrist on a routine basis.

  1. We all need sleep. I tend to be manic most of time which meant I spent more of my young adult years moonlight as a sleepless workaholic. I can weeks at time without sleep with little to no effort. While I used to pride myself on this fact, this…

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