~*~ Self-Soothing Sunday ~*~


Good Sunday Afternoon, to all of you!  

I have been reading some of my fellow blogger’s positive post on the subject matter of self-care & self-soothing methods to make their overall all lives improve and make them feel better.  So, I thought, what the heck!  I’d join them.

  • Slept in until almost around 7:30 am.
  • Worked on my Quote of The Day & Thoughts post
  • Submitted a piece for The Daily Prompt piece
  • Enjoyed coffee & conversation with my roommate
  • Took my time and got myself ready to go out
  • Went to Home Depot and picked up potting soil and two pots to transfer indoor plants over to larger containers
  • Went out to lunch with my roommate and enjoyed a healthy salad with shrimp fondue
  • Laundry
  • Cleaned bedroom & bath
  • Cleaned fish bowl
  • Relax for rest of afternoon

I love productive days, especially my potted plants in my bedroom.  That always makes me feel good inside.

I hope all of you enjoyed your afternoon as much as me.  🌱 🌿

Take care & God Bless,

Beckie 🎍 🎋 




  1. That’s a lovely display of plants there and relaxing to look at. Sounds like a lovely relaxing and productive day. I hope you felt good for it. x


  2. I was self-indulgent today and walked and then worked on my blog. I’ve got to be inspired and clean the house better, but that will be in the mornings some and next weekend when it is supposed to be rainy.

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