(#!&%!#%!&!*!&!$!#@!) Some People! 🤬


Mental Health Ribbons - these are serious conditions! Be kind to everyone you meet for you know not what they are going through!!! <3


Hi, there my friends!  Don’t worry, not mad or cursing at you.  LOL!  It was something stupid and ignorant someone said yesterday, that is on my mind, and still affecting my mood since then.

Yesterday, I had driven my roommate to Robert Wood Johnson’s Cancer Institute to have a consultation with a surgeon that is going to take care of a small tip on her finger that had developed cancer.  Something she had learned when she was in the hospital for two months.

While we were sitting in the waiting room, a patient (Fellow nurse apparently) made a rude comment about the patients that she cares for while talking to the receptionist at the front desk.  A nurse mind you made this stupid remark, that I wish I stood up to defend, but I was in shock, to be honest.   Her comment was as follows.

“All people with Bipolar have Schizophrenia, they all need to be put away.” This was after she was talking about how nuts her patients were.  “A DAMN NURSE HAD THE GAUL TO MAKE A DEROGATORY STATEMENT SUCH AS THIS!”

My roommate looked at me, as I did her… I said it rather calmly but with grit.  “Huh, I have Bipolar, and I was never diagnosed by professionals in the mental health field with schizophrenia before.”   

Personally, I wish I really directed this comment to this so-called nurse that made that stupid remark.  Again, people that are uneducated and ignorant of the mental health awareness, especially a nurse.  To make such a generalized statement just annoyed me so much yesterday, and it’s still ringing in my ears today.

As you know, I am a big supporter of the Mental Health Community, and I just truly realized how uneducated some people truly are.

Okay, now that I vented, maybe I won’t have this drag me around like a dead weight for the rest of the weekend.  Thank you, for letting me freak out here at this juncture.  🙂


Take Care & God Bless,



16 thoughts on “(#!&%!#%!&!*!&!$!#@!) Some People! 🤬

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  1. You shouldn’t let these things bother you. Many people are ignorant about mental health. They simply don’t care.
    But it surely was shocking to hear these words coming from a person who looks after people with mental health issues.

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