The Arch (Songs of the Chosen) – #writephoto #poetry

An original piece of amazing poetry by Dorinda Duclos “Night Owl Poetry” 🙂

Night Owl Poetry - Dorinda Duclos

Quietly, creeping down through the hall
Silently listening, for those who would call

Knowing, exactly, what the arch kept hidden
This was a place, out of bounds, forbidden

Trembling, hoping she wouldn’t be caught
Leaving this life, no longer distraught

Tiptoeing, body against the wall
She listened, to hear their rapturous call

The winds that whirled, between the columns
Left a feeling of peace, serene and solemn

This place she came to, seeking freedom
To baptize herself, be rid of these demons

Awaiting the ones, who had nearly awakened?
She knew it was time, she would not be forsaken

She could speak the covenant, a spell on her lips
People would stare, frightened, transfixed

Admonished, for uttering such foolish words
Town folk, gasping, when they overheard

Never understanding why they would say
A young girl shouldn’t ever speak this way

Perhaps this is why, she wasn’t allowed
To speak of…

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