~*~ Come Back to Me ~*~


Did my eyes deceive me…

were you in my dreams

or my reality?

Awakened, I shutter.

eyes wide shut

you were there,

standing right beside me.

You reached out and held my hand,

I could have sworn I felt your soft touch.

I looked into your eyes,

or, so I thought;

but it was only a dream.

Such an enchanting dream.

Tears begin to flow,

as I wish you were still

here beside me.

Our love was so unique,

so tender, so deep.

I want so badly to fall back into

my slumber, to be embraced

in your arms at least once more.

Oh, how I miss you, my love.

Please come back to me.

                                                                     💕 💞







[Picture by Unsplash.com – Benjamin Preeze]








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