March 7, 2018: The Chatterbox Inside Your Head – Finding Inner Peace (Part 3 of 4) 🙏

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Good Morning, Afternoon, and Evening to where ever you may be in this big world of ours.  How is everyone doing today?  Day three of writing “Chatterbox Inside Your Head – Finding Inner Peace“, and practicing what I preach…  I’ve got to tell you, I have been feeling a bit calmer.

Tuesday, I really didn’t have time to practice my meditation first thing in the morning, and I regretted it.  I had to run and do errands along with my roommate, and because she is still not permitted to drive yet, I was the chauffeur driving here and there, and everywhere in between today.  My anxiety was pretty ramped up because I had to drive in unfamiliar territory, and in New Jersey, driving is an obstacle course I don’t highly recommend.

When I arrived home and put all the stuff away, I changed my clothes into a little something less restrictive,  turned on my music selection for today and sat on the floor, and began my breathing exercises as well as repeating my mantra of “Peace” once again.  I allowed myself at least a minimum of 15 minutes the first time around and felt less wound up as I did when I first arrived home.  The second time I practiced my breathing and mantra…  I was much more in tune with my mind, and body.  The second time around, I allowed a half an hour.

I am always interested in looking into new relaxation music, and/or meditation series to help me practice my meditation routine…  Today’s choice is as follows:

Yellow Brick Cinema – 3 hr. Zen Meditation Music-Nature Sounds, Relaxation, Calming, Healing – YOUTUBE

As I write this blog entry, I have this playing in order to stay focused and relaxed.  In fact, most times that I do any work on my blog, I have this type of music playing in the background to help me concentrate, and believe it or not, it truly does help in many ways, I never imagined. 

Quite a few of my followers commented on the previous post, that they struggle with meditation.  This is not the first time I have ever heard this mentioned.  When I was first sent to my mental health facility in September 2015, I truly never heard of it, nor did I have an easy time of following the “What’s & Hows” of practicing meditation and repeating a mantra.  I first had to learn to breathe in a way that was comfortable to me.  Which was another comment made after I posted yesterday’s entry.  

If you have trouble inhaling through your nose (Which is something I have trouble doing because of ongoing sinus problems), breathe in through your mouth, hold anywhere between 4-7 second, and exhale through your mouth.  Close your eyes, and just keep practicing this technique for a while.

How to Clear Your Mind


Tomorrow, I will share with you other origins of meditation.  Until then, practice, practice, practice.  Allow yourself time to get to know yourself, your mind, body, and soul.  It is now time for me to do my evening meditation.  So, I hope you all have a pleasant evening.

Take Care & God Bless,




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