~*~ March 6, 2018: The Chatterbox Inside Your Head – Finding Inner Peace ~*~ (Part 2 of 1) 🙏

Beckie's Mental Mess


Good Morning, Good Afternoon or Evening… to each of you on this fine new day.  I hope this finds all of you well. 

Yesterday, I wanted to introduce you all to my journey in rediscovering self-soothing by meditation and bringing peace and positivity to each new day that I face.  I hope that you join me, and take away something in order for you to find that same piece of tranquility.

First and foremost, you want to want to improve your state of well-being and need for improve yourself, mind, body, and soul.  So, without further adieu, I shall begin.

           How To Meditate

Choose a Mantra.  A Mantra is defined as a word or sound that you repeat to yourself in order to aid you in meditation.  For instance, my word I’m selecting is “Peace.”  The reason for my selecting “Peace”, is because…

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