March 5, 2018: The Chatterbox Inside Your Head~*~Finding Inner Peace (Part 1)

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Good afternoon to all of my fellow bloggers!¬† How are you today?¬† I don’t really have a reason, but I’m a little tired today.¬† Maybe it’s from my day out yesterday, but I just feel a little run down, and might be developing another sinus thing again.¬† Who the heck knows.¬† If it’s not one thing, it is always another, right?

I’ know, it’s Monday and none of us are too fond of Mondays in general.¬† I know for me, It starts on Sunday night…¬† The build of anxiety starts to sink in, and you know Monday is just around the corner. The chatterbox¬†inside my head knows an upcoming week and the unknown¬†is about to go into high gear once the alarm clock sets that annoying sound, and you’re supposed¬†to jump out of the gate running.¬†¬†

Lately, I’ve neglected to do¬†one of my favorite things that usually help me throughout the course of the day, and that is my ritual of meditation.¬† Why?¬† It’s a mystery to me.¬† I just woke up one day and stopped for no apparent¬†reason.¬† However, I’ve noticed the difference in my whole body, mind, and spirit lately.¬†¬†



This week I decided to get myself back on the path to inner peace and focus and thought I would share this path with you, fine people.  As with everything we learn and or set out to do, there is a beginning process.  So, I thought I would just go over a few pointers, and back to basics in order to help you reduce your anxiety, and produce a more calm way of tackling everyday life.

You may be asking yourself, what am I to gain from this?  You will learn to turn off the continuous chatter inside your mind and reduce stress.  You will increase positivity and decrease negativity.  It will also increase your mind to think clearer.  The benefits of finding inner peace even extend into the overall health ailments, something I could certainly use.  


Calm Down the Constant Chatter of the Mind - Book   Outstanding book!  If you have the opportunity, I highly suggest checking it out.  I literally changed many of my views on ways to improve the techniques in the way I did meditation.  Tomorrow, I will start giving you a summary of what I gained from reading this self-help meditation guide.

Until tomorrow, Have a wonderful day!

Take Care & God Bless,




  1. sounds like a great book! I am not a great one for meditation, I keep saying I am going to try and do better about doing it. I know its beneficial for my mind and body. its just the doing of it that I’m bad at. xoxo

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