March 4, 2018: Lovely Self-Care Day 💗



Hello!  All my Friends…  Hope you are all well and enjoying what is left of Sunday.  

I didn’t realize how much I needed to step away, and just chill out and relax with my friends “JT” &  “JG”, and her little dog Lucy.  It was such a pleasant visit filled with constant laughter and great conversation.  We really need to do this more so, than once every other month.  Then again, the Winter took a toll on all of us hibernating, so no one really got out much.

After our visit with “LG”,  “JT” and I went to Bridgewater Commons Mall, Bridgewater, NJ, to shop at a store called “White Barn”, where they sell candles.  OMG!  I was in my glory taking with all the different scents until my nose’s sniffer didn’t want to operate anymore from sniffing everything in their store.

Thank goodness for “JT” went with me, or I would have never stepped one foot into that Mall out of anxiety.  Heck, I still had a bit of a challenge to face once we were in there, but once we entered “White Barn”, I was in my element.  4 candles and $55 later, I was waltzing out of there, and rushing for the car to free my self of the mall rats that seemed to be everywhere. LOL!

So, now I’m home, relaxed and burning my White Gardenia candles…  OMG!!! The aroma is to die for!  This was overall one of the best things I could have done for myself today…  Good friends and good candles.  Now, I get to kick back and read some blogs and enjoy the rest of the evening.  

Hope that all of you have a pleasant and quiet evening.

Take Care & God Bless,

Beckie 💗


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