Benzodiazapine Withdrawal is Horrific, but Necessary

Original post by our dear fellow blogger Sue from “My Loud Bipolar Whispers” – Courageous account of what it’s like to detox from Klonopin. Please make a point of reading her story.

My Loud Bipolar Whispers

Please read the following article. It is important to read to help you, so this NEVER happens to you. The article will follow, after my rambling and many words.

Oh yes, another article about benzodiazipine withdrawal. Unfortunately, it is on my mind due the fact that I cannot do anything other than write. I did go to my daughter’s show choir performance yesterday, because it is something I love to do and I love her. It was hard to be there, but I did it and once again had to act that I was feeling okay when I was not. I pray those days will be over soon.

This time I was not acting or pretending I was happy, when I was not. I am very happy, but my body is not. So, this time I had to act like I was feeling physically well instead of mentally well. That…

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