The problem of being positive?

Original post by “Emerging From The Dark Night” – a very interesting view on positive vs. negative thinking.

Emerging From The Dark Night

It can be a good thing to look for the positives in life, but a chapter in Gabor Mate’s book I read a while back on the power of negative thinking also enlightened me to the fact that the pressure to be positive which negates painful truths, realities or emotions can not only be problematic but downright bad for our health.  Being told to put a positive slant on things when things really are painful and negative can be a bit like lying to ourselves and the pressure to do so can be driven by all kinds of rational fears that don’t trust the power of darker emotions to heal us.  It’s a subject I will address in more detail in another post when I am back home and have some of Gabor’s insights to hand to share.  Just for now am out and about at the library close to…

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