~*~March 3, 2018: Quote of The Day & My Thoughts ~*~ 🤔

Helen Keller seen here reading braille. Helen Keller was the first person who was deafblind to attend and graduate from college: Radcliffe in 1904.


Everything has its wonders, even darkness, and silence, and I learn,

whatever state I may be in, therein to be content.

~  Helen Keller ~


Each and every single moment holds a secret during times of struggle and adversity.  It is in those moments, you have to search for those secrets to find inner peace and calm.  

Life is not perfect by any stretch, there is illness, violence, and personal struggles every day.  It is within ourselves how we deal with this life that was handed to us.

Don’t ever forget to celebrate the wonderment of the little things that can brighten your day.

~ Beckie Cutler ~




[Source: Each Day a New Beginning – Karen Casey – Hazelden Meditation, Picture provided by Pinterest]





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