As I Stand

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Art, Photography and Poetry

As I stand FBO Goff James, As I Stand, 2018

As I Stand

As I stand in total solitude

Upon Dewsland’s graveyard cliffs


From the howling wind


Winter’s weathered crags


By the cloistered gorse

From the stone faced storm

I see

The silent mourning moon


Across the grieving bay

In the rippled moonlight


The sparkling stars


On the crested waves


Skywards In plumes

Of swirling spray

As snow filled clouds


I watch

Tormented snowflakes

Writhe and seethe

Above the boiling sea


In unison with

The storm tossed spume 

That falls as one


The corpses of

Ancient rocks below

In shroud of deathly white


By the ocean’s chilling hand

In tears of ice

They rest entombed

Below the lofty precipice

Their epitaphs scribed

In the frozen sand

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