Why PTSD is Larger than Mental Health

Original post by “You Will Bear Witness-Fighting For a Future” – Excellent read!

Fighting for a Future


Guest Blogger Melanie Greenberg Ph.D discusses the impact of PTSD on our overall health in detail, drawing on extensive research.

When someone says their cancer is in remission, we understand it’s not cured. But we tend to lack that grasp of nuance when the disease is psychological. To push back on stigma and cut through the confusion, Which mental illnesses can I ‘recover’ from and which ones will pretty much be with me for life?

One of the ways mental illnesses are less understood by the public than physical ones is that we aren’t told much about how the former turn out. People know high cholesterol can be lowered and low blood sugar can be raised; lots of viruses are preventable with vaccines, and that HIV is chronic but treatable. When someone says their cancer is in remission, we understand that that’s not the same as saying it’s cured. But…

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  1. Today in Detroit they gave the keys to a home for a veteran who had served four tours of duty – now he is a postman. In the radio interview, he was crying about this new home. He told how he was on his mail route one day and heard what he thought was gunshots. They were firecrackers. He dropped down to the ground and had his hands over his head … the person whom he was delivering the mail to was started, worried and asked if he was okay. He told her he suffered from PTSD and would do so the rest of his life.

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