The Brief Encounter…

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Sitting in doctor’s waiting room waiting for my roommate to be seen by her doctor (Duh).

A man enters the waiting room, sits a seat away from me for a few moments and says matter of factly, “I have to pee.”

I look up from my cell phone, and reply in a polite tone, “Okay.”  Thinking to myself,  “alright, and I need to know this why?” Then just look back down to at my cell phone.

A moment passes again, the man says, “My name is Peter.” No emotion behind this introduction, just matter of factly again.

“Okay.” was all that I could muster, and again think, “Where is this going?” I look back to my cell phone.

A couple of minutes again pass, and he announces to me, “If the nurse comes in looking for me, can you tell her Peter has to go pee and will be right back?”

Again, I answer politely… “Okay.”, and dim-witted Peter scurries off to the bathroom to pee.

I am so pleased to tell you that I didn’t have to share this bit of info with the nurse because I would have felt like an ass by telling them, “Oh, yeah…Well, you see this guy Peter wants me to let you know he had to pee and will be right back.”

I’m glad good ole Peter wasn’t trying to pick me up in the waiting room.  That would have probably made me pee myself. 😳

That was my afternoon in a nutshell.




  1. TMI Peter, TMI! I went to pick up my taxes today. Got into the waiting room and receptionist not there yet. Owner has a client in her cubicle. Another lady in the waiting room. There is a puppy running around – cute little thing, maybe a Dalmation pup judging from the spots. I didn’t walk and had on deck shoes with ties … he starts chewing on them, so I guide his mouth away and he chomps on my glove – okay, they are heavy, so let him have a go at it. The lady and I are laughing and the dog’s name is “Chance” BTW. So Chance leaves me and squats in the middle of the waiting room – lady and I look at each other. No piddle spots or dark spot on the tweed carpeting. Owner comes out a few minutes later and says “Chance, c’mon we’ll go outside and go potty” and I piped up with “well, I’d feel the rug first Cathy, you may not have to get dressed and go out. So, she smiles and bends down, rug’s not wet. I said “It’s been a long time since I crossed paths with a puppy” … takes the dog out – they’re gone 4 minutes, comes back and the dog poops in the middle of the waiting room. Lady and I just look at each other. Not beating down the doors to get a puppy and go through that bother. And, the last time I’ll vouch for a puppy emptying its bladder.

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